Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Home Made School Snacks ~Dried Fruit~ Apple Chips!

Last week I was talking about making small changes around here.

Changing the way I look at food, starting to question what is actually in our food. Trying to swap pre-packaged, artificial foods for home-made ones.

Well I am the kind of person that can get carried away by a new idea, be over the top into it and then very quickly loose steam and interest..  I know I'm like this, HB knows I'm like this-(and tells me constantly) It's just the way I am... so with my changing habits in the kitchen I am taking it (kinda) slowly..

I am reading a lot of great blogs that make you stop and think about what's in the foods we eat. 

Yesterday I read this one over at Natural New Age Mum about dehydrated foods and the nasties that can be in them.

We are lucky to have a great fresh produce store near by where I can get big bags of apples being thrown out for next to nothing. 

I used a the old ones to make apple sauce for the pantry and with the 10 or so I had left I decided to try making apple chips in my very unloved, dusty dehydrator. 

I was given the dehydrator as a gift a couple of years ago and apart from HB drying chillies to make powder in it, it really hadn't been used. I'll use moving house a few times as my excuse k?!

Here's what I did. 

Juice 2-3 lemons,
mix a good squeeze of gourmet garden ginger in to give it a kick!
slice your apples ( I had about 10-12) thinly, don't worry about peeling or coring the pips fall out as they dry! You also get a cool star shape in the middle of your apple slice!

put the juice mixture and apple slices into a container together, give them a good mix around getting the juice onto all the apples.

place slices on your dehydrator trays and turn it on! Mine has two settings- low or high.. I put mine on high for approx 6 hours and they were perfect. 

If you don't have a dehydrator you can place them on lined baking trays at the lowest temp your oven will go (mine is 120*C) and they will dry in approx 2-3 hours. 

*the lemon stops the slices browning, and the ginger gives them a great zing! perfect for school lunch boxes- if they last that long!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My NY Resolution~ Macro Organic Meat~ Win a Year Supply!

Since I started juicing back in September my thinking has changed towards food.. 

I have never been a big one for the whole natural health cause. I would be the first one to roll my eyes when some crazy person mentioned food causing health problems..

Then I started juicing, and I found myself feeling so much better.. Health problems that have been long term for me cleared up.. small issues with my body that I'd put up with. They'd been problems so long that they'd turned into everyday life.  

I kept on juicing (still do twice a day) and I slowly started to think about the food I ate,and more importantly what the kids were chomping down. 

Started to turn into one of those people who read the ingredient lists on food.. 

Started to realise that if its a number or a word you can't pronounce its probably not food at all.

Manifesto from

you can purchase it here

I purchased this manifesto for my kitchen. It's my 2013 resolution. To remind that slowly I can change my thinking and make my kitchen a healthier place. It's not going to be a quick turn around, its a slow change but one that will last. 

On Saturday HB, the kids and I went to a Social Mums event, hosted by Kids Business.

Macro Organic Meats were there cooking the BBQ. We all grabbed a snag in bread with sauce and sat down to enjoy them. Now HB didn't know they were organic, grass fed, free range sausages but without prompting he chewed out that they were the best sausages he'd ever tasted. 

I had Lamb and Mint ones and they were so, so good!

I hadn't tried the Macro Organic Meat range before, though I have been buying a few of their organic items from the Woolies Health food aisle.

I have to say that I will make a beeline for them this weekend when we celebrate Australia Day! It will be good to know that the kids are eating real food (especially if you know what's in some sausages!!.. see I'm turning into a health nut!)

Another great thing is if you purchase any Macro Meat products you can go into the draw to win a years supply of meat (and significantly lower your food bill!)

To enter, purchase any Macro Organic Meat product in the next week from your local Woolworths store, and send proof of purchase to:

Level 24
1 York Street

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post, I was gifted some delicious macro organic meat but all opinions are my own -  honest to goodness I have lost my mind and become a natural, organic eating hippy..

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Back to School Stuck on You Review and Giveaway

The winner of the giveaway is :

                                                       Karla Carey!

Oh my goodness I am so not ready for the whole "back to school". I've enjoyed the lolling, peaceful laziness of these holidays. 

I'm not really eager to get back into a routine yet, and at the same time I can't wait to get back into the swing of it all... Must be my star sign influencing me there... (ahh the joys of being the twin sign.) 

Anyway we have been slowly getting organised this week. On Monday we went and chose lunch boxes.. Today we ventured out for school shoes.. We joined the crowds of tired looking Mum's trying to keep count of busy, hyped up kids.

Blues feet are two sizes bigger than 16 month older Miss Ms..his feet are huge... his feet make me wonder if he's half  Hobbit..

Anyway, yesterday was the highlight of our "lets try getting ready" week. 

A parcel arrived. Not just any parcel, one from the very helpful, organised company "Stuck on You".

When Miss M first went to school I was clever enough to get a Stuck on You pack for her. All fantastic personal stickers to stick on your personal, extremely expensive school stuff..

They were a lifesaver. She lost her costly wool jumper three times in the first term. Not sure where she gets the ditziness from (*ahem*) but the Stuck on You Iron on labels saved me a small fortune right there. 

So I have used them for the last three years, and am a very happy customer. When I was contacted to do a post by this company I didn't hesitate. 

I ordered the family value pack,(found here) because it's perfect for the whole family. It even has a colour selection that has pink and blue (gotta keep them all happy)

The iron on labels are my favourite... absolute money saver and they survive multiple washes. Miss M's old jumper and blazer still have the label clear as day from three years ago!

We also had a lot of fun ordering Aprons for Miss M and Blue and an Art Smock for Roo.

I love the personalised prints on the front. and the kids love the pictures, each chosen by them.

Superman for Blue

French Chic for Miss M

and much loved dinosaurs for Roo.

I'm very impressed with the hard wearing cotton canvas. The material and quality are very good and the personalised print and pictures make them perfect gifts.

I am offering a $50.00 voucher to one lucky reader. 

There is a fantastic range of items over at Stuck on You. So head on over, browse their items and comment below in detail on which item and print are your favourites!

Stuck on You can also be found on Facebook  , Twitter,  Google+, and Pinterest

Terms and Conditions
1. Competition is open now and closes at 11.59pm 25/01/2013.
2. Australian Residents Only.
3. The judges’ decision is final.  If the winner does not respond to the winning email within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen.
4. As per Stuck On You’s website, one name only can be chosen for whatever value pack or backpack you decide on up to $49.95.
5. The Winner will be chosen for their creative and original answers - This is a game of skill.
6. Extra entries for sharing the giveaway. You must leave a valid answer to the question for extra entries.

ps for more chances to win you can find the same giveaway on

Disclaimer, Stuck on You were kind enough to send these products through in exchange for a review. No payment was recieved and all opinions are my own .

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