Friday, 25 November 2011

The Secret Life of This Desperate Housewife

Every housewife has those moments.. when the housework becomes all too much..the kids screaming and fighting becomes too much and everything seems totally overwhelming..

This is what I do in those moments....

*ahem* There had better be comments or I will die of shame.. 

HB walked in me doing my thung and double dog dared me to post this vlog on my blog.. We both have a competitive streak.. there's no way he was winning this dare.. even if I never show my face in public again..

Joelenes Prime Mime Time was the cause for me recording a very private moment in my life..I was never going to actually post it.. damn HB , I better get something good for winning this dare~!! I was way too embarrassed to mime until half way through it.. but I do mime so it kinda counts..

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things To Do Today~ Survive!

I've tried writing this post for the last hour or so.. somehow as well as everything else going wrong my blogging mojo seems to have vanished as well.. typical.. it's always the same story,when one thing goes wrong you can bet your blue suede shoes that theres more devastation just around the corner..

As most of you probably know from my facebook and twitter whinging updates that this week is THE WEEK.. yep the week we move house for the first time in, oh ,six and a half years.. add two more kids since the last move and a whole lot of forgotten crap  clutter to the mix and its a whole new experience from the last epic event. 
From November 23, 2011
Of course nothing has gone to plan and here a longish list of all the things that have gone wrong (if I'm going to whine I might as well do it in an orderly way)

1. extensions were given 4 times to the buyers to get their finance together.. Finally on Friday it went through.. talk about cutting it close!

2. the kids pulled the spout of the outside tap making water flood everywhere.

3. Boy Blue accidentally broke the second outside tap, snapping it off halfway up the pipe.. yep you guessed it re-flooding the yard..

4. one of the kiddos turned the tap next to the toilet on and once again flooded water, this time all over my bathroom and the boxes I had packed.

5. one light has broken and flickers non stop which is annoying the *hoohaa out of me..

(this is a *pg rated blog hoohaa has been written instead of-- oh I'm sure you can guess) 

6. I fell into a pot hole (yes I am that clumsy) and sprained my Achilles.. who knew you could do that? I thought I had broken my foot.. so did the kids I sat down in the driveway like a crazed person screaming  obscenities in my mind (or maybe not in my mind.. the pain has blanked that out) 

so now I have to hobble everywhere, it is throbbing and I can't put weight on it..I have to go for an ultrasound (you know in between the chaos that is my life at the moment) and the Dr tried to give me crutches~ til I gave him "the look" and he realized- Sarah + crutches = trouble..

So that's my week so far in point form.. I hesitate to say it can only get better.. I know only too well that that's not true..

On a positive note(coz this post really needs at least one to lighten it up!) I have to say my friends rock-they are awesome and supportive and make up for life throwing stink bombs in my face at every opportunity..

HBs not bad either, he brought home Thai last night and booked me a massage- he's definitely stocking up on the old husband brownie points at the moment..  
I will definitely be having a few of these on the weekend!
Ill have that look of glee on my mug as well!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas Angel~ Lets Help those in Need!

Christmas is such a fun time of year~ planning events and parties, organising gifts and of course enjoying the Christmas day feast!

It's great to enjoy the lights and carols, and to remember what its like to enjoy the excitement that kids feel in the lead up to Christmas.

But for many people its not that easy.

Sometimes in the rush of putting up the decorations and enjoying the season we can easily forget that there are families that find it hard to find the money to put a basic meal on their tables. There are a lot of homes that struggle to enjoy the Christmas season, struggle to survive every day without the added pressure which Christmas brings..

I try and make the kiddos realise that there are families out there who aren't as lucky as we are. Its hard to explain to littlies who have never had to worry about having enough food, or if Santa will come or not.. I try and teach them about helping and sharing and I hope that maybe my actions will teach them what I can't put into words.

I have this friend, she's gorgeous in every way possible. She's great at cooking,organising and entertaining~but the best thing about her is she is kind. Not just a "oh lets be nice so Karma doesn't kick me in the arse" kind of kind No she is really, deep down at her core,kind. So when she came up with an idea about holding a clothing swap fundraiser to raise money for people who needed help at Christmas,  we knew it would be a great event.

Two weeks later she had it organised, people had brought clothes, shoes, jewelry and home wares they no longer wanted and it was exhibited beautifully in her gorgeous home. All of it for sale at cheap, affordable prices. About 30 ladies turned up and made the day a great success.

my first ever you tube video.. 

and my first time me it took me hours but don't expect amazing things!

altogether we raised $1500.00 for Christmas hampers, which will be filled with food and Christmas treats and given to families in need.

How can you help the less fortunate this Christmas>?

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Bloggers Brunch November 2011

On Friday I was lucky enough to attend the Blogger Brunch hosted by Kids Business.. I was super excited to get the invitation, especially as I am such a newbie blogger in such a big bloggie pond!~

HB drove me into the nerves would not handle the stress of driving in Melbourne traffic and I would of walked into the brunch looking like some twitchy eyed crazy haired bag woman (trust me I know~ its happened before)

We arrived at the right street but as only I could I got the address wrong and walked in on some very serious looking suits.. Definitely not the right place, the right place should be noisy, bustling with chatty mums all on a bloggy high.. yep after a quick walk I found it.. lots of kiddies playing in the play corner, Mums having hand massages and make up sessions..

I headed straight for the champagne... nothing like a little fizz to calm the nerves! I may or may not have downed it in one gulp.. ok I did, I was nervous.. gee whizz theres nothing like champas at 10 in the morning to  make a person sociable!

I met some of my good bloggy friends for the first time in the flesh.. Caz from The Truth about Mummy, Laney from Crash Test Mummy

Me and the lovely Jaqui from Common Chaos Chronicles shes awesome, go follow her now.. go on , do it!

And the beautiful Kellie from ThreeLilPrincesses one of the loveliest bloggers I have ever spent time with..

They are the only two pics I got, the champas wore off and I lost my nerve.. Also it was super, super hot in Melbourne on Friday, and by the end of the event I had well and truly wilted..

It was so much fun meeting and chatting with so many awesome bloggers and also getting to talk to businesses who understand how to work with Mummy Bloggers..

I went home with a lot of treats and samples to try out and give the kids.. Coles, Logitech, Vitaweat and Megablox to name a few..

For a first blogging event it went really well, it was great to meet so many blogging friends in real life and learn a little about how bloggers and brands interact.. I am looking forward to attending more (I hope) in the future!

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ooh, thats pinterest-ing~ Phantom edition

Todays Pins are all about the Phantom.. HB, myself and a group of friends went to see "Love Never Dies" at Melbournes regent theatre and it was amazing! I have not been able to keep the music out of my head since!

Here are some Phantom of the Opera Pins~enjoy!

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

I dont care how disfigured Gerard Butler is under that mask~ he's smokin hawt!

Uh huh damn right they are!!

Tina Gray {dot} Me

You all know how much I love Pinterest.. and I also love Tinagray(dot)me~ she has had a blog makeover~go and check it out and have a squizz at all the pinteresting link ups in todays "Ooh thats Pinteresting" link up!

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mums United Healthy Changes Giveaway~ Winners Announced!

I have been so overwhelmed by the amazing response to this giveaway.. and more than a little terrified of picking three winners out of so many great comments..

Its fantastic to see so many mums making the commitment to steer their family onto a healthier way of life and you have all inspired me to keep on striving for that goal.

So onto what you're all waiting for.... the winners of the Mums United Healthy Changes Giveaway

together with Soup I have been lucky enough to host this fantastic giveaway and after much (and I mean much~!) thought and deliberation three winners have been picked..

3rd prize $50.00 Kmart Voucher goes to Miss Mandy

Hubby has built a vegie patch in our back yard, we're hoping if the kids see it from seed to table they will embrace it alittle more.
I've also stopped bribing with treats, allowing them to eat when they're hungry and offering / stocking them with healthy options.
Giving them options is a great way to gain their by in. They think they are making the choices, yet secretly we are too.

buiding a vegie patch is a great way to teach kids about healthy, sustainable eating! 

2nd prize $100.00 Kmart voucher goes to Catty:

I am trying to make sure snack foods are apples and strawberries rather than the chocolate and lollies we use to sneak together for morning and afternoon tea!! I have also started to grate a lot more vegies into certain dinner dishes so that they still look vege free, so they get eaten! I am also trying to get my daughter outside a lot more (esp with this nicer weather of late) either riding her bike to the park or just kicking the ball around the yard! Next step is to start trying to get in 3 good size walks a week ( this is more so I don't end up looking like a beach whale this summer) either taking her on her bike so I have to keep up a good pace or wait until hubby gets home so he can either come with us or stay behind so I can have a nice peaceful walk alone!!

for openly admitting that she used to sneak chocolates and lollies for morning and afternoon tea (its a hard one to confess!) and making an effort to get more fruit and vegies into the family diet.

and finally the 1st prize $150.00 Kmart gift voucher goes to Mich Vee:

Challenge one'll be:
A family dance-off on the Wii.
Healthy challenge number two:
More fruits and veggies -long overdue!
Challenge three leaves me puffing,
Exercises for body buffing!
Challenge number four:
Soft drinks, cordials, out the door.
Challenge five just for dad,
Quit smoking, you won't go mad!
Challenge six swap white to brown,
Helps keep the GI down.
Challenge seven awaits,
Hit the pavement on skates!
Challenge eight have more giggles,
Really tightens all that jiggles.
Challenge nine swap more for less,
Its the hardest, I confess!
Challenge ten, last not least
Only one chocolate, NOT a feast!

Mostly because I'm amazed at her poetic accomplishments in this comment, because I like the idea of a family dance off on the wii and because if you break your must dos up into 10 points and do one at a time its so much more achievable!

So Congratulations to these ladies and thank you to everyone who joined in and made me happy by commenting.. I love your comments :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Training Trials

I hate toilet training..

Well truth is I hate it while I'm at the start and middle of it, but when its over I forget the difficulties and think I rocked as a cool calm, "train in a day" no accidents, mother..

Yeah that's how I feel after the dreaded event..

But not now.. Right now I'm at the beginning. back at the start with Bubbaroo... I've never started so late, usually as soon as the second birthday rocks round I just get my mummy magic know how out and throw the nappies. This time's different, it's just not the right time, I keep putting it off.. Ill wait until its hot,then until we move.. I can see the next excuse being Ill wait until Boy Blue is at school.. enough excuses already!

So while we were on holiday I found a cute little potty that turns into a toilet seat/ step.. and it had Thomas the Tank Engine on it (Bubbaroo is obsessed with Thomas, and trains) I was sold!

Thinking that Thomas would some how magically teach my boy how to pee on the pot I whipped off his nappy and let him run around the pool (at the holiday house) starkers.. with the potty on stand by just in case he needed to go.. you know because thats what happens right?

Not so..

Making sure HB was watching the kids I took off inside for a sneaky wine.. the peace didn't last long though.. no sooner had  sat down with my glass half full than a blood curdling scream hit me.. thinking something horrific must of happened I shot up and ran outside, to find HB quivering in the corner, coughing and dry retching..

the biggest fear of any big strong man

Bubbaroo was hunched over something near the pool exclaiming "yucky" and looking at me with an amazed look.. I don't think he really understood how something so big, brown and heinous could of come out of his cute little bottom..yep he had crapped on the deck..

 Somehow I felt like I'd been there before, a relived experience. It took me back to the time Miss M used to hide her poo in Boy Blues crocs, or between the pages of books, or when Boy Blue squatted over the edge of the deck and laid a greeting for when HB got home.

That's when I realized, I don't have super toilet training skills, I don't rock at this toilet training stuff and Thomas the Tank is not going to help clean up the poop off the deck..

you poo in the potty mate not next to it!

Wordless Wednesday~ Strawberry Fields

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas Craft~ Weaved Christmas Place Mats

For the next few Tuesdays leading up to Christmas I will be doing a series of Christmas Craft posts, things to get you in the Christmasy mood!

I love the magic of Christmas, the hopefulness, peace and love that somehow comes with it. The thing I love most about Christmas is the little traditions we have started. here are a few we love

*the kids hang a stocking by their beds on Christmas night for Santa to put Christmas lollies in.

*We put out milk and a mince pie for Father Christmas and a carrot for the reindeer.

*we go and look at the Christmas Lights (thought this is not easy with day light savings!)

*HB and I stay up on Christmas Eve watching the Carols (not the same without Ray Martin) and wrap presents..

*HB and I watch Love Actually every year.. not sure why but I love this movie!

and of course theres the craft! Everyone gets involved making paper chains and pretty decorations to hang around the house.. I carefully try and get the tree looking display worthy, only to have it rearranged by happy kids and their brought home junk craft.

This year we decided to make Christmas place mats, thanks to the scrap booking craze you can now get pretty paper for every occasion! I grabbed a big book of Christmas printed paper from Spotlight~ it has 60 pages of different patterned paper and it cost me approx $12.00..

From November 15, 2011

this is a great craft the kids can do, its easy fun and looks great! You will need to help with the cutting for little ones.

To make place mats you will need:

two pieces of colourful paper (Christmas themed or coloured)
a pair of scissors
sticky tape

Miss M and Boy Blue chose their designs,

From November 15, 2011
then you fold both piece of paper to the thickness you want..

From November 15, 2011

One you are going to cut into strips and the other you want to cut the lines leaving both ends uncut..

then  you want to weave a strip in and out of the cut piece.. like so

From November 15, 2011
keep doing this until all the strips are used up,

then use a little sticky tape on each end of each strip~ to keep them in place..

From November 15, 2011
Boy Blues, he wanted the middle unwoven so you could see Santa falling down onto the reindeers back,..

From November 15, 2011

Miss Ms placemat.. pretty angels

I had grand ideas of laminating these place mats, but when I got the laminator out I realized the sheets of paper are too big to fit in it.. So I will take them to my local photo store and see if they can laminate them for me.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Healthy Snacks~ Fruits

Since starting the Mums United Challenge we have made a few changes in our home. The one thing I have really changed is the snacks I give the kids.. I have really slacked off with the cooking lately, probably because most of my muffin pans and slice trays are packed away. I am determined to get back to making healthy slices and cakes (if that's possible) after we've moved..

For now though I have really upped the amount of fresh fruit coming into the house. For some reason I find it hard to eat fruit,  fresh fruit that is..the stuff that's served just as God intended.. I can eat it in syrup no worries, or in pies, cakes...mmmmm carrot cake..

Anyway to make it more accessible and easy to grab (just as easy as a biscuit) I decided to start making fruit salads each morning.

It is so great to have it sitting in the fridge, fresh every morning and ready to whip out whenever I need a sugar hit!
yummy apple, rockmelon, strawberries, blueberries, pink grapefruit, watermelon.. 
full of flavour and really delicious with a dob of yoghurt!

Fantastic for morning or afternoon tea, I only made enough to last us one day so I can make a fresh batch each morning.
November 14, 2011
I love my easiyo yoghurt maker, its fantastic~ I have a range of different flavours and I paid 2.55 for each pack (makes a litre of fresh yoghurt)

Icy Fruit Delights 
These tropical treats are an ideal summer dessert!
Serves 2
Preparation time 10 minutes + 5 hours freezing
Cooking time No cooking needed
• ¼ banana
• ½ slice canned
pineapple ring*
• ½ teaspoon passionfruit
• 1 cup 100% orange juice
(no added sugar)
* Choose fruit canned in natural
or unsweetened juice
1. Peel the banana and cut it into thin slices.
2. Cut the pineapple into thin slices.
3. Spoon the pineapple, banana and passionfruit pulp
into plastic cups.
4. Pour ½ cup of orange juice into each cup.
5. Place an icy-pole stick in the centre of each cup.
6. Put the cups in the freezer and freeze for 5 hours or more.
7. Remove the frozen icy pole from the cups and serve.

Here is another great recipe I'm going to try this afternoon..The kids love icy poles after school on hot days and making them makes it even more fun and a lot healthier than the shop bought ones!

If you're interested in making healthy changes for yourself and your family head on over to my awesome Mums United Giveaway and join in for a chance to win some great prizes!~

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Beach Edition!

So Saturday was such a gorgeous hot day that at 4pm we decided to head to the beach.. A very spontaneous decision for us considering our closet beach is an hour away.. The kids had a ball splashing in the water, luckily I had the sense to bring towels and a change of clothes!

 It was nice sitting back with HB and watching them enjoy themselves.

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