Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 the year I found me~!

What an amazing year 2011 was. As I sit with my vino, alone with every kidlet tucked up in bed and HB a few hundred kms away visiting his folks,  I look back and see such perfection in our story.

Not that its a perfect life- far from it in fact, but what story ever is?

There have been many bumps in the road along the way this year. Quite a few tears and upsets as I tried to navigate my way through my illness. There has been loss and letting go, and many time when I wasn't sure which way was up.

But through all the downs there has been twice as many ups.

I started Mums the Word Blog, and then Mums the Word Boutique. 

We put our house of 7 1/2 years on the market and sold it in 10 days, then moved 5 weeks later (don't want to do that again in a hurry!)

And there has been lots of great memories, simple memories- a family day spent together at the beach. Time with HB alone enjoying each others company. And nights out with my girlfriends.

Things that make life, make it truly great!

I have come through 2011 to become a stronger person. I found myself again somewhere along the way, and I have learnt so much!

Its funny, through my 20s I have always looked forward to hitting the big 30. For some reason I believed that once I was that aged (*30 seems old at 21 doesn't it..) number I would know myself, be more comfortable in my own skin. And as the big birthday gets closer it seems to be exactly the case.

But deep down I think I am more content, more happy to just be. I have learnt to slow down a little,  look at each day, and enjoy it as it comes. Instead of waiting to be comfortable as me I finally have truly found myself. And for that 2011 will always be one of the best.

So excuse me if I don't have any real resolutions for next year, the plan is to keep plodding on, keep enjoying life and keep sharing it with each one of you, so stick with me and lets find out together what a flirty, thirty and fabulous Sarah is like!

I wish us all more love, life and laughter in 2012!

If this post is more than a little mushy and way too deep for NY...I blame the wine.. and the fact I had to drink a bottle of it alone..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Bananas in Pyjamas Review and Giveaway

Bubbaroo is my Technology baby.. Hes just 2 an a half and he can make his way through my ipod better than I can..This can be a blessing and a curse, its great when I need to keep him occupied but the moment the ipod dies or gets taken off him expect tantrums only a toddler could throw..

here he is while Boy Blues Christmas Play was on.. it was 7.30 at night (peace if you ignore the background noise!)

Yesterday I went to a very pretty coffee house for my friends birthday. It was the kind of place you dont take kids until there at least 20 and no longer accident prone. Lots of pretty china, knick knacks and the like.

I had to take Bubbaroo with me.. I had no other option and I wasn't missing out on this

oh yeah it was good!
So I took him.. but before we left I charged up my iPod to full battery and downloaded these awesome apps that digital parents asked me to review..

Bananas in Pajamas: Beach Fun

Although it was not his favourite train game he really enjoyed having a go of it..he liked putting the hat and sunscreen on the bananas..squirting on the sunscreen was his favourite part I have to say..

I liked the fact that it was actually teaching him about wearing a hat (something that he always hates but has to do with his fair skin!)

the sandcastle building was also a lot of fun, but a little bit fiddly for him to pick up the right things on the small screen.. which lead to an almost tantrum.. I suspect it would be a lot easier on an Ipad-if we had one!

This app is aimed for 2-4 year olds and I can say my older kids did not really like it at all.. but the fact is they're going to be at school while I'm having coffee next year so Im not as worried about them! Also it was 1.99 and kept him happy for a good amount of time.

the second app is the Say Cheese Bananas in Pajamas(2.99)

Bubbaroo didnt like this one as much as I thought he would. He didnt have the patience to take photos and wait for it to happen.. Miss M on the other hand has quite a few girlie tendencies including loving taking photos of herself.. She spent a full car trip enjoying this app.. dressing her photo up Christmas style and then taking photos of the boys and "helping" them (which means she got the Ipod back into her divaish hands)

All in all I was quite happy with the apps. Not sure I would of bought the Say Cheese one on my own, but Miss M did enjoy it.

To celebrate the release of these two apps, we have a Bananas in Pyjamas DVD to giveaway to one lucky reader from Australia.

for your chance to win a Bananas in Pajamas Magic Tricks DVD(rrp 19.95)

make sure you are a follower of Mums the Word

comment below telling me your kids favourite Character in Bananas and Pajamas

this giveaway closes Saturday Jan 7th 2012

Bananas in Pyjamas like you’ve never seen them before!
The all new CGI animated series is now available on DVD. Join the Bananas for some imaginative fun dressing up and playing games. When Rat tries to trick the Bananas into thinking he’s disappeared, they turn the tables and keep pretending they really can’t see him!
  • The Magic Trick
  • Prince Rat
  • The Genie Bananas
  • The Talent Quest
  • The Delivery Bananas
  • Rat the Banana
  • World Tour
  • The Jelly Plane 

Disclosure: I received complimentary downloads of the Bananas in Pyjamas iPhone apps and a giveaway copy of Bananas in Pyjamas "The Magic Trick" DVD courtesy of ABC for Kids via Digital Parents. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

*Update* the winner of the Bananas and Pyjamas give away is Marypres. thank you to all who entered this giveaway!!*

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Christmas Edition

It has been a very busy week here at our house (and I'm sure most houses in the world!) we have had 5 Christmas parties in as many days, talked to a lot of Jolly Santas of varying shapes and sizes, had family photos taken and I even got my face in the local paper promoting Mums the Word Boutique. I am looking forward to crashing after Christmas!

From December 21, 2011

From December 21, 2011
the cutest elf ever.. to make the Christmas Elf Skirt head over here for the super easy Tutorial !
From December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

From December 21, 2011

From December 21, 2011
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

An Open Letter to Men

Dear Husbands, Boyfriends, and Partners of all the Ladies out there,

Want to know how to make us happy, stop us nagging and perhaps get a little action once in a while?

Then show us the love!

We want to be appreciated, loved, respected, chased, fought for!

Yes, its why Bruno Mars made a hit singing about catching grenades for us.. don't care if its never going to happen, we just want to know you would if you had to!

We want you to show us some attention, put down the play station control, phone, remote, magazine and ask us how our day was..

Because lets face it, you lot have absolutely no idea what we put up with..we are the silent workers, the ones who keep your life cogs turning smoothly.. Who has your children clean and dressed, your house neat and tidy and your best interests at heart!

Our day starts at 6am (if we're lucky), its full of tantrums, baby talk, nonsense, crappy nappies and doing the same mind numbing housework we've done the last 365 days. and if we're lucky enough to get a sit down and some peace and quiet, it usually involves a) folding washing or b) ironing...

The big events of our day are building towers out of blocks, having the toddler to poo on the toilet and getting the washing in before it rains ..

We plan our afternoons strategically, like someone going into battle.. Bath time, dinner, and bed are all potential war zones when it comes to getting a stubborn toddler to comply..

So when you get home we are frazzled, more than likely tipsy and very, very over it we just want some understanding, for you to actually say "hey, Ill do the dishes, you sit down and keep drinking that delicious wine"

We would like for you to do a job without having to ask you..

We would love every once in a while to get flowers, for no reason what so ever~ just because we wash your dirty underwear and your sock drawer is always full of matched and folded socks..

We would like to be taken out for a date without having to organize everything ourselves..

We would like to get an awesome Christmas present that is not a home appliance... no matter how shiny, unless its a coffee machine its a pathetic present.

And finally, we would like to go to bed, frazzled, drunk and totally exhausted and just. go. to. sleep...

From December 20, 2011

** This is for every man, I don't care how wonderful your men are,  there are times when we all want to hit them across the back of the head with this kind of letter!

** this post is a Christmas present to all my lady readers, email it print it out and give it to your hubbies!

HB is a wonderful husband--the best   (** i know hes going to read this and I want a Christmas present!)

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Ultimate White Choc Chip Biscuit!

This recipe is the bomb.. trust me you will never find comfort in another biscuit (ok except a tim tam) again!

Also it makes 40 decent sized white choc chip cookies (im sorry biscuits.. have we become americanised or what?!) from one batch... awesome!

I made these last year and wrapped them to go in homemade Christmas hampers.. and everyone raved about them.. told ya they're good!

heres the ingredient list

preheat oven to 180*C,

chop your apricots, macadamia nuts and white chocolate (or use white choc bits like I do to make life easier) put aside.

beat your butter til its soft and creamy, then add the brown and caster sugar and beat until the mixture has increased in volume. add the vanilla essence and one egg at a time beating well in between each addition.

Heres Betty my kitchen aid mixer.. yes she has a name she does all the heavy mixing in my kitchen she deserves a name!
From December 15, 2011

Now you don't need a kitchen aid mixer to make this but if it helps you convince your man go ahead and tell him I said its an absolute must!

From December 15, 2011
once the eggs are all in sift the flour and bi carb into the butter mixture. Give it a little mix and then add the chopped fruit and chocolate and the rolled oats! give it a good mix with a wooden spoon until well combined.

From December 15, 2011

then just spoon into even sized balls, place on baking trays and flatten with a fork..

From December 15, 2011

they take about 10-15minutes to cook..try not to forget them like I did. they go a little crispy.. oops..
From December 15, 2011

this recipe makes approx 40 biscuits..

then you can either gift them , share them, or eat the lot in a sitting of your favourite tv show..

I think this is a fab idea for gifting.. wrap pringle cans in festive paper and fill with biscuits! looks cute huh!

heres a few tips:

*craisins are delicious dried cranberries, find them in the dried fruit section

* only use traditional rolled oats, not the quick oat kind.

* dip scissors into hot water to stop the apricots sticking to them

*get the kids involved they love it!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday~Claus Edition

I have never lined up for hours in the shopping centre with thousands of other Mums. This is because my kids have never had photos with Santa.. I know shocking huh?! I just don't like the idea of them sitting on the lap of someone I know, and they know isn't the real... you know....

Apart from that most little kids are completely freaked out by no Santa photos in our house.. which is why when I saw Mrs Woogs post and I thought it was brilliant.. heres the link, 2seconds and you have a santa photo! Oh and its totally free, no personal details required, just head over upload your pic and its done...

so I did it.. and then I booked myself a massage with the money I saved, beats sitting on Santas lap anyday!

this is nothing like a wordless wednesday.. I am just no good at keep quiet.. but Im linking up anyways. with  My Lil Drummer Boys.. deal with it!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Very Toxic Family Christmas..

It's that time of year again, when extended family get together and enjoy Christmas. For a lot of people its a beautiful opportunity of seeing all their loved ones and catching up on the year that was. Thats the ideal, that perfect picture on every ones mind.. a big family enjoying Christmas dinner and laughing together over memories of moments spent together.

Unfortunately this isn't always the way it goes..

Sometimes families fracture, fall apart and split into a thousand tiny pieces- never to be mended.

Every family has some quirks, little oddities, misunderstandings and disagreements that ,with a little maturity, can be overcome. But what if your family is full of toxic resentment and unresolved issues? If the family is full of judgement, unkind remarks, put downs and emotional abuse?

The members of these families learn to deal with this in a few different ways.

Some run, fast.. escaping and avoiding the hurtful remarks and explosive arguments.Others stay and stand their ground acting as family therapist in an aim to keep the pieces together. And then there are the ones who become co-dependent, constantly seeking approval and support, trying to get their needs met by people who are unable to give.

Its a vicious circle of people trying to get approval, back stabbing, turning little things into huge arguments and so it goes on. The emotional and mental strain can cause huge damage and have lasting negative effects.

If you live within a family unit like this where any contact is met with emotional toxins it can be very hard to come together at Christmas. No matter how much peace and love are in your heart. No matter how Christian you are, sometimes it is impossible to be  part of the cycle anymore.

The best thing you can do to stop yourself from adding to the negativity is to distance yourself. If people don't want to change, can't communicate without anger, judgement and harsh words then there's not a lot that's going to make the situation positive.

I think it is possibly the worst thing anyone can deal with, the effects of a negative family relationships. We continue to love these people even when we see the damage they cause. Even when we have taken all the mental blows we can handle we still go back for more..Until finally we have nothing left to give, or we stand up for ourselves and find that we (and our children) have been completely cut off.

So take a step back, calmly take some time out from all the bad so you can heal and see the good in those people again. Send a Christmas Card, tell them you love them, but refuse to be a part of the cycle anymore.

If you are part of a similar family, how do you deal with it at this time of year?

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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mother and Baby- Teaching Kids to Save!

I’m not one to buy trashy magazines, let’s face it reading about the latest “out of touch with reality” stars is not something that floats my boat. Just why is Kim Kardashian famous and why do I have to look at her airbrushed, botoxed face while I try shopping with three hypo kids?

Having said that I do enjoy sitting down while Bubbaroo is having a nap and flicking through a glossy mag while I have my quiet afternoon me sesh..

 Luckily there are a few Parenting magazines I enjoy reading.. Mother and Baby is one of the magazines I will buy, it has great tips and stories that I can relate to and that will actually come in useful in my very ordinary, mummy life.

The most recent edition of Mothers and Baby had a great article called “ Little Savers” which gave great tips and ideas on teaching the kids to save and learn about how they can be responsible for their own money...Instead of constantly pinching mine.

I’ve always been a fan of the kids having pocket money. We started pocket money when Miss M was about 5. It took a while for her to understand how much things cost and what she could and could not buy. Now she is 7 she’s a pretty savvy shopper. She understands that to afford the cute girly item she wants she will have to stop nagging mum and put her money away.It’s been hard for her to save; it’s not in her nature to wait for things (which I totally understand) but slowly she’s learning..

Boy Blue on the other hand is still getting to grips with the fact that the tiny gold coin is actually worth more than a lot of shiny 5cent pieces. Miss M has fooled him into swapping the $2.00 for a couple of 0.20c pieces more than once. But he’s getting there, the other day he decided to only buy a small item so he could save the rest of his money for a Ben 10 watch (the ultimate 5year old boy accessory)

The Mother and Baby magazine article was about banking money. Something that the kids thought was a great idea. The piece had a checklist for kids accounts which included thinking about interest rates, required monthly deposits and withdrawals and bonus rates. It also included a list of the best bank accounts for kids.

Armed with all the know-how I needed the kids and I headed to the bank and opened their very first savings accounts! They were very chuffed to get their bank book complete with their opening amount and a piggy bank, now the competitive streak of who can save the most has started. I’m afraid Miss M will lose this one, she has spent her savings a few hundred times already in her head.

For more great parenting magazines head over to Baby magazines Australia and check out the one that fits you!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas present? Give your loved ones a magazine subscription this year and you can win a tropical escape to Hawaii with Magshop’s Christmas competition (link to Treat your family and friends to a magazine subscription  today - it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round!

Friday, 9 December 2011

10 things my Mother said

When you're a kid there are certain quotes Mum uses that you hate.. Hate so much that you swear you'll never ever say them to your kids..

Then you grow up, have kids... and one day find yourself saying those exact things.. 

me with my mum.. 

Here's 10 things my mother said:

1"Because I said so!"

2"Do as I say not as I do"

3"Because I'm the Mum, that's why"

4"If (insert friends name) jumped of a roof , would you do it too?"

5"Look with your eyes, not with your hands"

6"If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times"

7"If you want anything doing right, just do it yourself"

8 "who died and left you in charge?"

9"Do you think Im made of money?"

10"There's no use crying over spilt milk"

and yes I have pretty much used them all (*cringe)

what sayings did you swear never to say but sadly did?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beautiful Bauble Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Yesterday I did the stupidest thing I have possibly ever done.. 

Actually,scrap that! I've done a lot stupider, but this was up there! I took three frazzled, hungry kiddos decoration shopping.. in December.. I really wanted to finish the Christmas Tree and somewhere in my sleep deprived mind I thought it would be fun..

Wrong! Listen to the voice of experience~ do not go near the shops with kids until well into the New Year.. Its a jungle out there!

The other reason I went to the shops was to get a bauble wreath to go on our dining table as a centre piece. I searched those shops for ages but the only bauble wreaths I found were like this one

No offense to those that like this, but personally I'm a more traditional kind of girl.. When did pink, purple and blue become Christmas colours? 

I wanted a gold, red and silver one.. you know a Christmas looking bauble wreath! So I decided to make my own..

It's really easy to do, a great craft for the kids to do in the holidays. 

Here's what you need 

*1 dodgy wire coat hanger (go search, there's sure to be one hiding in the back of a wardrobe somewhere.)

*quite a few Christmas Baubles...I have no idea how many I used but it was a few, they were $2.00 for a 10 pack I bought about 6, or maybe 8.. like I said I had three, frazzled kids in tow..

unwind the coat hanger,

From December 8, 2011
then form into a circle-ish shape. I found it easier to straighten the kinks out and then make the circle.
From December 8, 2011

once you've done that you want to get your baubles in some sort of order.. other wise your going to end up with clumps of one colour..
From December 8, 2011

Then bend one end of the wire upwards so the baubles don't fall off as your putting them on (learnt that one the hard way)

Now you're ready to go. Slide the bauble onto the hook end of the wire, gently twisting it until it slides to the bottom.

 Keep going alternating colours and placing the baubles on the wire.

I didn't alternate the colours as well as I would have liked.. there's a little too much gold.

baubles all on and ready to connect the top..

now I haven't completely finished this yet, I still have to twist the wire at the top properly.. HB is going to bring me some wire twister tool thing (I have no idea, ask your hubby if your clueless like me)

Anyway heres the almost finished result..

I am really chuffed with the results, and it only cost approx $12-15 to make! 

From December 8, 2011

I made mine as a Christmas table centrepiece but you can easily add a ribbon and hang it on the wall.

Let me know if you try it out, or even if you like the looks of it.. I love your comments!

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