Monday, 25 June 2012

Backing Up Data for Dummie are you Computer Clueless too?

One morning about a month ago I woke up, made myself a cuppa and went to sit down with my lovely red laptop. 

Opened it up, pressed the on button and waited for it to do its thing..

But it didn't.. It just wouldn't light up, at all..and not being the best at computer fixing  (if it doesnt work I take the battery out.. computers for dummies 101) 
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Anyway,  I took it into the shop and found out that the hard drive had not only crashed but had lost itself and was completely broken.. 

I had to have a new hard drive installed.. and I had lost everything from the old hard drive because the computer was relatively new and I hadn't bothered backing it up yet.

All my photos, videos, files.. all lost!

Let this be a warning to you all      
    !!Back up, back up, back up!!

here are some easy steps that Ive just learnt (yes a little late)  for backing up.

1) Back up often.. at least once a month~! Schedule in reminders so you don't forget!

If your life depends on your computer data, back up more often.. at the end of every week.

2) Back up to an external hard drive~! 

3) as well as backing up to an external hard drive I also put all my photos online on flicker, and on USBsticks/ disks as soon as I upload them.. with every intention of eventually printing them out (Im 6 years behind in that department..eek!)

So what Im saying is I back up to multiple drives because I've heard of external hard rives crashing and I'm prone to lose things.. even hard drives.

4) you can pay to have an automated service back up your data online. It's not a bad idea for peace of mind. These sites automatically back up your data and make it easy to install again if your computer does crash.
Carbonite or Mozy are two online services I've been looking into, I like the peace of mind knowing my data is on a secure website and I dont have to worry about doing as many backups myself... I'm still looking into this option at the moment though.

5) You can back up just the things that are the most important! You don't need to back everything up (I didn't know that duuh) So important photos, folders, etc ~ basically things you can't reinstall if your hard drive does crash....
So how often do you back up? And are you computer clueless like me?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! Shall do it tonight... and back up my damn blog while I am at it.

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  3. Phyllis man... I hope u had most thingS saved. Just bought the super size hard drive ! x

  4. yes thanks so much for the reminder must do this and soon! :-)



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