Friday, 21 September 2012

Juice Your Way to Health!!

Last Saturday I dragged myself out of bed at about 9.30am,  feeling groggy, extremely grumpy and more exhausted than the night before..

So still in my pjs I made myself a huge mug of coffee and hopped on the couch.. to laze around some more.

One of my friends had posted this video on facebook..

So I watched it.. while I drank my coffee and ate my highly processed white toast with peanut butter..and for some reason it just sparked something in me..

It made so much sense.

It's funny how you can have a series of events happen to you that all point in the same direction.. I had been making the kids afternoon tea in the week when I thought about the fact that I never touch fruit.. I mean never !! I couldn't tell you the last time I had a fresh serving of any fruit..

Then I started thinking about how the recommended intake was 5 servings of fruit and veg a day! We have veggies or salad for dinner as a side, and sometimes I might chuck a tomato on my sandwich to make me feel "oh so healthy".. but theres not a hope I was getting anywhere near 5 serves in..

Then I stumbled across an article on the benefits of kale, and juicing it..

Ok so my diet has not been top notch for a while.. I have been so caught up dealing with other stresses  etc that I had really let any thought of health go while tucking my now too small jeans out of sight..

But it's not just about the weight gain, it's about getting back to basics and continuing my journey in looking after and loving myself  and hopefully dragging HB and the kids along with me!

So after watching the video twice HB and I went and got ourselves a juicer.. one small step for us~ one giant leap for our health!

We ended up getting the breville juice fountain plus .

We picked this one mostly because it had an extra large shoot (no chopping food up to fit in the juicer!) and also because it looked easy to clean, just put a bag in the bucket that catches the fibre etc

Bag in the catchment bucket makes it so easy~ just remove when full.. the pulp can be used in muffin (fruit pulp) or is perfect for your compost/ vegie patch.

I'm very happy with the juicer, it takes a minute to clean, is dishwasher safe if you cant be bothered has a good motor and two speeds.

So we got our juicer, stopped at the local fresh fruit and veg shop and stocked up..

Then I got to work making a juice bar in our kitchen... Out of sight out of mind right? I wanted to make it easy to get to, fast and no hassles.. everything is right there and juicing takes five minutes tops..

Our juice bar.. blender for making fruit smoothies, or blending juices with ice. Juicer for juicing, easy to access and clean! Tupperware storage containers with apple/pears, oranges (always remove the rind because the oils in orange rind are not good for you), and lemons/ grapefruits.. Fruit basket with bananas, avacardo, beetroot, limes, etc.. 

And a coconut the kids begged me to get..

The tupperware containers are great for keeping everything in the one place, easy to see and access.

And so we were ready to start trying this new idea of juicing..and it seems to be pretty good so far!

Day five of juicing and I feel amazing.. I'm not dragging myself out of bed in the morning.. Instead I'm up at 6a.m  and ready to go.. I can not believe how good I feel!

For the first time in forever I'm not waking up with bad breath or a dry mouth that feels like my tongue is twice its usual size (ick)... and this is just day 5!

HB is feeling great too~ and if he says its amazing than it has to be (he does not give praise lightly!)

Kale~ something I would never, ever eat.. but having it in a juice with other veg/fruits~ amazing.. here are the benefits of Kale

Can't say I'm a fan of ginger so I'm keeping that to a tiny amount..having said that ginger has some amazing qualities.

Now if you think I've gone completely crackers on the juice~ you might be right.. But I just wanted to share my early juicing findings and my new zest for life!

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  1. How inspiring! I ought to get off my bum and do this too. feels so good to eat and drink fresh stuff, and it does make sense!

  2. no you cant Rebecca.. I juice it with cucumber, celery, spinach, a slice of pineapple, a chunk of lemon, two apples and add spirulina and wheat grass to it and it still tastes really really good (sweetish) !!

  3. It does make sense Louise, its just taking that first step in changing your thinking! thanks for commenting :)

  4. ooh im thinking of buying a juicer :-)

  5. do it!! you wont regret it at all, the kids love having juice as well so everyone benefits! We can have a juice party heeheehee :P if you click the link on here it will take you to the breville page! x



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