Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ Our Garden

Our new home is lovely, its big and comfy and I can't wait to jazz things up a little and put my mark on the place..

The garden needs the most jazz.. It's more like an over grown squishy, water logged jungle at the moment.. It will have to wait until summer to turn it into the backyard I am planning! But half the fun is in the planning of things right?!

Come take a walk with me through my overgrown very squishy garden,

these fences are going. I want to open it all up.
something needs to change here
look~ the last dandelion of the season!

weeds, weeds and more crap

my vegie patch is going here!

thats some big boulders!.. they are going!

I see a lot of reading and lazing in this nook
the cubby house foundations are in place
is a fishpond a bad idea when you have a three year old.. or any kids at all? 

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My Little Drummer Boys

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kids and ECA - extra curricular activities

Lets be honest. 

Extra curricular activities are hard work. Carting kids to and from Auskick, swimming, dancing, music lessons etc, etc takes time, energy and lets not forget money~ a lot of money!

But it's worth it. It teaches them patience, responsibility, respect, diligence, hard work, strength, and opens their eyes to a bigger, more wonderful world.

Cry everytime I see this ad.. damn female hormones!

We decided to make it a rule in our house that these activities wouldn't start until the kids started prep..

It gave us and them time to find their interests.. 

Miss M started Irish dancing lessons as soon as she started school.. She is fickle when it comes to sticking to something and has wanted to change from one thing to another..ballet, gymnastics, singing.. yep shes a girly girl.. no denying that. 

Anyway we encouraged her to keep at the one thing...(it was that or take out a second mortgage!) and she now loves Irish dancing. She practices morning til night up and down the house..

Boy Blue is a kid who knows what he wants.. He has wanted to learn Karate since he was 3.. When he started school this year HB took him to kick boxing/martial arts.. Boy Blue was not impressed, he came home from the first lesson and the face said it all..... it was NOT  Karate!

So I rang a karate school the next day.. And I liked what I heard..

The guy who runs it said point blank.. I teach respect, I teach responsibility and then I teach Karate.. wow~ this sounded fantastic to me! 

We went to the first lesson and Boy Blue loved it. The guy was kind, spoke to every kid by name (I have trouble with getting my own kids names right!!!) and he was tough but fair... 

Their taught to use their karate moves only for stranger danger.. not on friends, siblings or at school.

Each kid is expected to pay attention, listen and answer.. and if they don't they get five push ups! 

It also gives them a ton of confidence! They all get a chance to teach the class a karate move, they all get a chance to shine and they all love it!

On Sunday we had Boy Blues first competition.. It was a fun day (for the kids~ I froze my toosh off while HB took stir crazy Bubbaroo round and round the footy oval)  with the Karate school.. and the best part was every single student received a medal.

Boy Blues all about medals.. I'm pretty sure its his goal to cover his bedroom wall in sport medals and awards.. and like I said- he's one determined kid!

belt colours..
all leading to the much wanted black belt!

Bubbaroo is desperate to start.. he fronts the cat, fists up, "diiiiiieeee!!!".. 

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Backing Up Data for Dummie are you Computer Clueless too?

One morning about a month ago I woke up, made myself a cuppa and went to sit down with my lovely red laptop. 

Opened it up, pressed the on button and waited for it to do its thing..

But it didn't.. It just wouldn't light up, at all..and not being the best at computer fixing  (if it doesnt work I take the battery out.. computers for dummies 101) 
image credit

Anyway,  I took it into the shop and found out that the hard drive had not only crashed but had lost itself and was completely broken.. 

I had to have a new hard drive installed.. and I had lost everything from the old hard drive because the computer was relatively new and I hadn't bothered backing it up yet.

All my photos, videos, files.. all lost!

Let this be a warning to you all      
    !!Back up, back up, back up!!

here are some easy steps that Ive just learnt (yes a little late)  for backing up.

1) Back up often.. at least once a month~! Schedule in reminders so you don't forget!

If your life depends on your computer data, back up more often.. at the end of every week.

2) Back up to an external hard drive~! 

3) as well as backing up to an external hard drive I also put all my photos online on flicker, and on USBsticks/ disks as soon as I upload them.. with every intention of eventually printing them out (Im 6 years behind in that department..eek!)

So what Im saying is I back up to multiple drives because I've heard of external hard rives crashing and I'm prone to lose things.. even hard drives.

4) you can pay to have an automated service back up your data online. It's not a bad idea for peace of mind. These sites automatically back up your data and make it easy to install again if your computer does crash.
Carbonite or Mozy are two online services I've been looking into, I like the peace of mind knowing my data is on a secure website and I dont have to worry about doing as many backups myself... I'm still looking into this option at the moment though.

5) You can back up just the things that are the most important! You don't need to back everything up (I didn't know that duuh) So important photos, folders, etc ~ basically things you can't reinstall if your hard drive does crash....
So how often do you back up? And are you computer clueless like me?

image credit

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

A great family day at Brave.

Sundays are family time days around here.. 

When HB and I were first married weekends were "golf, cricket, footy" times.. 

Breaking a man of his "singleness syndrome"  is hard work (still working on it) but I eventually put a stop to sport Sundays.. because as any of you who have sports fanatic men you will know

"golf, cricket, footy" really means "drinks, after drinks, not getting home til late drinks"

Anyways Sundays are now full stop, Family Days.. 

This week we were lucky enough to get tickets to the premier of Brave.. the latest awesomeness to come out of Disney/Pixar.

Premier sounds so high class huh? Champane and canape style....yeah--- not a chance..

It was really a bunch of excited kids and tired parents..

Still it was pretty cool for the kiddos~ they had face painting, juice drinks and Scottish Dancers to get us all in the mood..

We are freakin' Rock Stars in these hot 3D glasses~!

no one rocked them better than Bubbaroo.. he insisted on a Mater face paint.. luckily the painting guy was flexible and knew how to paint a bucktooth tow- truck on the side of Bubs face.

Bubbaroo was so excited he couldn't pee straight because he could see his reflection in the toilet flush button.. "I gotttaaaa Mater, I gotttaaa Maaatterr" he squealed,while pee went all over the walls..

Boy Blue has the best laugh.. its infectious! He sat in the cinema chuckling every five minutes.. while scoffing the entire bag of lollies we forgot he had.. greedy guts!

Now I loved Brave, for one the heroine, Merida, is a Red Head with a fiery temper (what's not to love?!!) who decides not to marry some pretty dodgy suitors.! Nice to see something different from the usual sweeter than sweet princesses (that Miss M loves btw)

I also love Billy Connelly who is one of the main voices.. just his voice makes me laugh! 

 Very well written and enjoying the only negative I have about it is that it is pretty scary for littlies.The 3D glasses and big screen definitely made it more life like but there is a nasty bear in the movie that scared the pants off Bubbaroo.. 

So if your kids are sensitive to movie content I'd wait to see is PG for this reason I think..  older kids like HB, Miss M and Boy Blue will love it, its fast paced, and pretty funny!

Thanks to Disney and Mango for the invites and tickets to the premier, it was a great way to spend a Family Sunday! 

*disclaimer I was under no obligation to blog about it but I loved the movie and know some people want to know about it ;)

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ Bon Fire Night!

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Targets Biggest Toy Sale

**** this give away is now over****

Its that time of year again! Mid year stocktake sale time! I love the toy sales.. its a weak point I have, I buy toys to put away for Christmas and I always get a little carried away with playing Santa.. I also get presents for my birthday box...

 The target toy sale has always been my favourite, its worth lining up for the bargains. One year I lined up with Miss M and Boy Blue at 8am to get some special toy.. The kids were old enough to ask what the toys were for.. lucky quick thinking kicked in and they now think that the layby area has elves in the back room taking toys to Santa..  

Hey never knock a mothers ability to think quickly when needed!

I have been through the toy sale catalogue a few times with the kiddos and am planning on going to the VIP event tonight to get a preview peek at the goodies. 

I have one $50.00 Target gift card to giveaway for you to spend on the toy sale! All you have to do is tell me what you would like to buy in the toy sale! 

Open to Australian residents only.

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ellas Kitchen Review and Giveaway

I don't browse the baby aisle much anymore. For one Bubbaroo is almost three (where those three years went I'm not sure) and secondly I do most of my food shopping online these days which means I grab what I need and get it done.

So when I first spoke to a new organic baby food company at a Bloggers Brunch recently I was interested but more for readers and friends with babies...

Until I got home and my kids tried the smoothy fruit pouches... They loved them.. Miss M (7) and Boy Blue (6) decided to try freezing them until they were like a slushie.. clever kiddos enjoyed them as a yummy afternoon treat.

A treat that is organic, without any added sugar, additives or thickeners..  I've looked at other "fruit crushes" and pouches and the ones I looked at all had some added sugars or artificial something added to them.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of them doesn't it?

The smoothie range comes in four different yummy flavours, they are in bright pouches, fit into lunch boxes perfectly are easy to read and coloured: yellow (banana) purple(grape) red(strawberry and green (apple).. my kids like the red ones the best.

Another cool thing about this product is you can send the used pouches back to be upcycled into groovy lunch bags!

And... I have not one but TWO packs up for grabs.

Each pack includes:

an upcycled lunch bag (seriously they are cool!)

8 delicious smoothie pouches (2 of each flavour)

rrp:  $26.92 per pack.

to enter make sure you are a follower of the blog and leave a comment below telling me which flavour smoothie your kids (or you) would like to try!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*disclaimer* I was sent Ellas Kitchen Smoothies for the purpose of this review.. but we were already fans and everything I have written is my thoughts and ramblings as per usual.

you can read more on Ellas Kitchen at this site.

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